Daily Living

Providing support for personal activities and supervision of personal daily tasks. We strive to provide all individuals with the reasonable and necessary supports to take part in daily activities to encourage participation in the community.

What is Daily Living?

Supports that enable participants to complete activities of daily living. Participant budgets often have a lot of flexibility to choose specific supports with their core support budgets, but cannot reallocate this funding for other support purposes (i.e. capital or capacity building supports).

Assistance with Daily Life

Participants with funding under this category can access support with
personal activities to assist them to live as independently as possible.

Support services for Assistance with Daily Life can include:

Help with getting ready for your day (showering, dressing etc.)
Support to help you get out and about in the community including
driving you to places or accompanying you on public transport
Help to do household chores such as cleaning
Getting help around the yard such as lawn mowing
Someone to assist with food preparation and meals, or the costs associated with meal delivery
Support with health and fitness
Assistance getting to appointments
Assistance with financial budgeting
Domestic supports, including low level garden maintenance

What’s not covered?

The cost of food or ready made meals (including delivered meals)
The cost of household items such as cleaning supplies
Personal items not related to your disability such as toiletries and cosmetics
Rent, board or mortgage payments
Tickets for events, concerts, movies etc.

Assistance with Social and Community Participation

Participants can use this funding to improve their ability to participate in community, social and recreational activities. This includes things like a support working taking them to attend community-based activities and assisting them in participating in social groups. The activities may take place in a range of locations such as in the community, in a center or at a sporting venue.

Below are some examples of the activities that Unique Support can arrange using this funding:

Recreational and sporting activities
Support to participate in social groups or spend time with friends
Visiting your local library
Building skills, taking up a new interest or learning new things
Camps, classes and vacation activities

A Unique Support support worker can assist you to participate in social and community activities such as the above.

Individual Living Option (ILO)

The NDIS is providing increased funding options to support people with a disability to live more inclusively – in a regular house, on a regular street, in a welcoming community. Individual Living Options (ILO) focus on working with the participant and their family to consider their needs and preferences, and design a flexible package of supports. ILOs are designed around a client, one client at a time. Individual living options are often a viable alternative to a group home. 

Types of accommodation arrangements that suit ILO funding:

Co-Residency ―  support resides full time or part time in the participant’s home.
Host Arrangements ― participant resides full time in the home of a non related host who provides support. 
Living Alone ―  support is provided in the home of the participant in a variety of ways. 
Living Together ― participant lives with other people of their choice and receives support.

Unique Support offer ILO services, including:

Generating a quote for approval from the NDIS
Assisting in finding accommodation
Providing Support Workers


Transporthelps to cover costs associated with participating in recreational or community activities or reaching your place of employment. 
We arrange for our Support Workers to assist participants in vehicle transportation to their recreational and community activities.  This is charged at a fee of $0.85 per kilometer, as agreed in your tailor-made Service Agreement.